Development of electrode materials and electrolytes for secondary batteries



The positive electrode materials for the lithium ion  (battery packs of cell phones, notebook PCs, etc.) and nickel hydride batteries (in hybrid vehicles, dry-cells, etc.) ubiquitous in the market today are metal oxides. In recent years, various negative electrode materials had been developed, but today, battery properties are limited by the discharge capacity of the positive electrode material. The development of positive electrode materials with higher discharge capacity and power is a pressing challenge.


Manufacture of secondary batteries using Li2S, formed using S as a byproduct of the petroleum refining process as the positive electrodes material.


Increased performance is forecast through the use of gel electrolytes (diblock copolymers, di-block copolymers) as the electrolyte material, to optimize the materials.


Optimization of materials has advanced to the stage of elucidating the mechanism of the output characteristics based on impedance measurements.

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posted: 2014/05/21