Development of energy control techniques for the realization of a smart grid


Balancing the stable supply of electrical energy with the introduction of environmentally conscious renewable energy sources like solar and wind power is vital to the achievement of sustainable social activity.


Advanced methodologies will be developed through computer simulations and next-generation smart grid simulations, in order to enable total design of a suitable next-generation electrical energy supply configuration by which both of the above can be achieved continuously.


●Development of control technologies for and use of renewable energy sources (solar and wind power generation)

●Development of control technologies for and use of storage cells

●Development of technologies that use reserve power from consumers (heat pump water heaters, electric vehicles)

●Development of technologies for ensuring power quality (safety, security)

●Development of technologies for high-performance networks (electricity, information)

●Development of technologies for energy management systems


Simulation smart grid experiments are possible with the world’s only next-generation electrical energy supply configuration verification testing apparatus, ANSWER.

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posted: 2014/05/21