Constructing a process for recycling valuable resources from waste

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Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden,Earth system and resources engineering,Energy engineering,Earth system and resources engineering


Due to the sharp rise in metal prices in recent years and from the perspective of resource security, there is a growing need for the recycling of valuable resources from solid waste.


A low-environmental-load type valuables recycling process can be proposed, in which, after various types of pulverization are conducted as preprocessing, a number of separation methods are combined, based on specific weight, electrical and magnetic properties, wettability, shape, color, X-ray properties, and physical/physiochemical properties according to target.


Furthermore, by adding separation technology that uses chemical properties, it is also possible to propose a process for recycling valuables from within wastewater.


Selection of separation methods that use the solid characteristics allows special valuables recycling processes, such as dry-type and pharmaceutical free to be proposed.

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posted: 2014/05/21