Accelerating environmental cleanup processes

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Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden,Earth system and resources engineering,Energy engineering,Earth system and resources engineering


In many cases, large volumes of sludge (including toxic materials) are produced in waste processing and soil purification processes, focused on inorganic toxic substances. As such, there is growing need for development of a low-cost, low-environmental load process.


Through detailed solid analysis techniques, including XAFS, and geochemical simulations involving surface complex models and reaction kinetics, it is possible to construct optimal processing processes and set conditions, according to the respective contamination conditions. In proposing an optimal process, we add preprocessing by special pulverization and separation techniques, improve the operation procedures, and reduce amounts of pharmaceuticals and sludge via metal recovery.


It is even possible to propose processes for purification of soil and treatment of wastewater that include selenium, fluorine, boron and other difficult to process inorganic and organic substances.


We have simulation tools which combine models previously developed for a wide variety of wastewater and contaminated soil.

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posted: 2014/05/21