Organic light-emitting transistors


Inorganic light-emitting elements (diode lasers) have already been made commercially viable, but there are few types of actual materials and colors emitted. However, it is possible to create many, perhaps limitless, kinds of organic materials, due to the advent of synthesis technology, making the variety of colors they emit diverse also. Development of organic light-emitting diodes has reached the development stage of illumination and displays, but research is ongoing into organic light-emitting lasers. As organic materials have high electrical resistance, adequate currents for illumination have not been attained in diode construction.


Construction of transistors rather than diodes, however, allowed large currents to flow and light-emitting phenomena to be obtained. By adjusting the oscillatory conditions, organic lasers become an attainable goal.


By using a wide variety of organic materials, we can obtain lasers in many more diverse colors than with inorganics.


Since we possess knowledge of organic materials and the knowhow to fabricate transistors we can create organic transistors under optimal conditions.

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posted: 2014/05/21