Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells(LEC)


・Hybrid device of electrochemistry and electronics  
・Specially designed ionic liquids for LEC application
・Simple solution process for low cost manufacturing


・Strong demand for energy-saving devices
・Collaborative innovation by conventional and novel technologies


・Novel device for innovative lighting application such as flexible, see-through and ultra-low cost displays and lightings. 


・The simple device structure of which light-emitting layer is sandwiched in between two electrodes
・The light emitting layer is composed of blend film of light-emitting polymer and ionic liquid

purpose of providing seeds

Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation




  • Device structures of LEC and OLED
  • Photographs of LECs under operation
  • Examples of product process(roll to roll)
  • LEC shows lower driving voltage and higher luminous efficiency than OLED

collaborative researchers

TAKENOBU, Taishi Guest Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering) (retired)

posted: 2015/04/24