Low-cost energy harvester using thin piezoelectric polymer film



● Ceramic piezoelectric materials (such as PZT), mechanical strength is fragile.
● Polymer piezoelectric materials are flexible and durable, but output impedance is high.
● High voltage polarization is required in case of polymer piezoelectric materials.


● Making thin membrane by spin coating of polymer.  
● Making electrode by ink jet printer.
● Poling process is not needed.


● Manufacturing facility cost is low.
● Enable to apply on various materials.
● Power up by stacking structure is possible.


● Vibration or wind-generated electric power. 
● Wearable power generator.
● New type sensor.


collaborative researchers

笹川 健太 ((理工学術院 電子物理システム学科)) , SASAKI, Toshio Junior Researcher , 中嶋 宇史 (東京理科大学) , SHOJI, Shuichi Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering Department of Electronic and Photonic Systems)

posted: 2018/11/15