A Robot Arm with Novel, Intrinsically Safe Joints


● Most robot arms are not safe, not easy to use
● Competitor solution 1: Torque sensors. Slow,no intrinsic safety
● Competitor solution 2: Springs. Wobbly, no fast accelerations


● Novel actuators with adjustable torque limiters
● Direct Teaching capability
● 7 DOF robot arm, 1m reach, 5kg payload


● Intrinsic safety that does not impede position control
● Programming the movement by simply moving the robot arm manually
● Easy torque control


● Assembly, Pick and place, Injection molding, CNC, Packaging, Quality inspection, Lab analysis and testing.
  Gluing and welding.
● Robots that work close to humans (without safety cages)
● Robots that need to be reprogrammed often (SME)


  • Fig.1 CAD of version 2 robot arm
  • Fig.2 Concept of direct teaching
posted: 2015/12/15