Research on improving mental health problems using the iACT self-help application "emol”

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Clinical psychology,Experimental psychology


● Expectant and nursing mothers are prone to mental instability due to anxiety about child rearing, stress caused by changes in their living 
      environment, and changes in hormonal balance, etc. In addition, nearly 10% of cases worsen into "postpartum depression”.
● As measures to care for pregnant and nursing mothers, "comprehensive support centers for maternal and child health" have been established and
      consultation services have been developed through day services, etc. However, there is a limit to human resource support for timely mental care
      due  to the lack of resources in local governments and other organizations.


● Realize an intervention with iACT self-help


● ACT is a form of psychotherapy that has been shown to be effective in improving mental health, and the provision
     of a user-friendly  application allows for an intervention that is not burdensome for users.


● Pregnant woman
● Expand the scope to include employees of companies
posted: 2022/10/24