Very Facile Production of Hydrogen Peroxide from Water under Sunlight


● Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is widely used in a pulp and paper bleaching, wastewater treatment, chemical syntheses,  etc. It is industrially manufactured using high pressure hydrogen, precious metallic catalyst, and organic solvents.


● We found that polythiophenes act as a rare, combined light-harvester and highly selective catalyst for the  oxygen reduction to H2O2.  Its combination with a conventional oxygen evolution catalyst in water (pH 12)  achieved extremely high H2O2 production rate (>140 mg  (H2O2) g-1 h-1).


● Extremely facile reaction vessel (Figure);
● Environmental  friendly process (precious metal- free);
● Manufacturing on site.


● The global market for H2O2 exceeds 3 million metric tons per year and is expected to reach twice within 10 years.  This procedure provides a very facile and high-cost performance on site process, especially for yielding 5% H2O2 aqueous  solution.



collaborative researchers

岡 弘樹

posted: 2020/02/06