Technology to Manipulate Cellular Functions Using a Nano-heater : Cellular Thermodynamics Engineering


● Taking look into a single cell at the microscopic level, we realize that the temperature is a most fundamental factor that affects all cellular activities. If we achieve to heat up intracellular targeted areas or molecules, we would obtain a tool to manipulate cellular functions based on thermodynamic law, named Cellular Thermodynamics Engineering.


● We proposed the method that allows quantitative heating at the nanoscale in live cells with monitoring the temperature change on the heat spot (Nano Heater). 


● Allows tuning of cellular functions as we want while previous ones  only does  on/off  switching.
● Applicable for wide-ranging species such as animals and plants by its virtue of the principle based on universal thermodynamic law
● NOT requires genetic engineering technique.


● Next generation heat therapy at the cellular level (not only cancer therapy, but the other diseases related to muscle and neuron dysfunctions.  
● Modification of cellular functions to improve Bioengineering process  (for example, factory).
● Element technology for single-cell analysis (healthcare, diagnosis) .


posted: 2018/09/27