Generation of high power and broadband THz wave


● THz wave has been applied in various fields
● Specific THz wave is required e.g. intense and/or broad band


● Intense broad band THz wave generation by electron beam
● Efficient THz generation by electron pulse tilting
● Suitable for THz spectroscopy
● Intense THz wave as much as THz camera detection


● Required electron energy is low (200kV)
● THz spectrum can be changed by using different target material


● THz non-destructive observation
● Intense THz test source
● Material science by THz spectroscopy


  • Efficient THz generation by electron pulse tilting
  • THz intensity as a function of electron pulse tilting angle
  • THz image of 100 yen coin. Surface pattern of 100 yen is observed in reflection image.
  • THz image of IC card, compared with X-ray image
posted: 2016/02/03