The development of facilities and equipment based on analyses of the motor functions of the legs

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Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering,Intelligent robotics


We are focusing on the walking motion, and trying to clarify the difference between the image of the position of one’s foot area (the toes or lateral border) and the actual position. We are also examining methods of evaluating stress and instability in the foot depending on the properties of the surface being walked on, by calculating the torque generated within the lower leg joints while walking, using a method of inverse dynamics analysis. Furthermore, we are designing lower leg orthoses and other devices for supporting movement, as well as examining the effects of a variety of physical obstacles in our everyday environment, and ways of making improvements.


Analyzing the effects of tactile paving and inclined obstacles on the walking of healthy people, the elderly and injured people (an examination of stress or danger of tripping while walking).
Elucidating the mechanical properties of the structure of the foot (e.g., the arch) while walking
Evaluating and proposing ways to provide information to the visually impaired with a focus on the properties of floor material.


Designing of accessible walkways in public buildings and everyday spaces and their evaluation
The evaluation of stress alleviation in lower leg joints due to assistance in movement and robots
The evaluation of performance skills in the bicycle pedaling motion of the artificial leg, and the designing of shoes.


Using evaluation methods based on on-site opinions (from physically disabled people, people involved in rehabilitation or care giving, etc.) and basic research, we are carrying out research into the practical application of manufacturing methods that focus on accessible designs. We are also carrying out surveys of trends in policies toward the physically disabled and provision of support through assistive products, to carry out our research from a holistic perspective.

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JIS regarding the quality of UV Braille (June 2004)


  • Fig. 1: Research into the gait when stepping over an obstacle
  • Fig. 2: Research into the guiding of walking through the floor material
  • Fig. 3: Research into the optimization of lower leg orthoses in people with walking disabilities
  • Fig. 4: Analysis of torque in the lower leg joints
posted: 2014/05/21