Evaluation of comfort through measurement of brain activity

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Clinical psychology,Applied health science,Psychiatric science,General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine)


The accurate measurement of psychological states such as stress and relaxation will provide valuable information in enabling us to live physically and mentally healthy lives. Along with analyses of physical states such as blood pressure and body temperature, we carried out a scientific examination of psychological states that are difficult to evaluate objectively and quantitatively, based on measurements of the state of brain activity.


By measuring blood flow in the brain in real time through optical topography (NIRS), we can provide an objective, numerical index of the state of comfort or emotions. This will assist in the search for more effective stimulatory conditions and designs.


Development of methods and products associated with “healing” and “relaxation” (bathing, air conditioning, massages, etc.)


This method is noninvasive and a relatively easy way of measuring brain activity, and it allows analyses while engaging in movements similar to everyday activities or in physically stimulated states. By combining it with measurements of brain waves (current and source estimation through event-related potential and LORETA), it allows comprehensive analyses including the effects on the inner brain.

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posted: 2014/05/21