Turning sports movies into a database, and automatic generation, operations analysis and strategy analysis of secondary movies


With advances in a diverse range of media and expanding computerization, sports movie content has become widely available and the demand for searching, editing, and secondary movie generation technologies are expected to rise. Furthermore, movie records are powerful tools for honing skills and carrying out strategic analyses in sports.


Sports movie databases that can be processed on computers (mainly soccer)
Developing technology for automatic recognition of tournament movies and the movement of players, the ball, etc., kinematic analyses of hand and leg movements, developing statistical methods of predicting movement, developing skeletal models and skeletal muscle models.


Tool for improving coaching and training methods such as boosting the skills of players or carrying out strategic analyses.
Automatic generation of secondary sports movies, technology for new ways of showing movies such as tracking targets or viewing images from different angles, and generating such images.


Data from analyzing sports using movies is useful for sharing information among multiple people and providing grounds on which to base supervision.

purpose of providing seeds

Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation


  • Fig. 1: Automatic detection of the positions of players within a soccer game movie
posted: 2014/05/21