Environmentally-conscious product and waste product business management

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As markets grow more complex and diverse, environmental-consciousness is no longer simply important for brand image, it also has an impact on management strategy.


This project proposes methodology to scientifically develop market analysis and product management methods for environmentally-conscious products, as well as the creation of new waste product processing businesses. 


This project is creating a consulting research service which serves as a prototype for Japanese-style industry-government-academia partnerships. 


●Because this project incorporates ideas of marketing, design, statistical analysis, psychology, industrial engineering, ergonomics, and systems engineering, it is possible to propose brand management strategies that are not restricted by profit concerns and market capitalization. 
●The project has produced knowledge related to product design theory (experienced value and emotional value creation in particular) and design and management (luxury brand management in particular) and consulting achievements (for 18 product development and design projects, six branding and luxury strategies, and so on). 

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Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation
posted: 2014/05/21