Evaluation of the global warming reduction functionality of forests


Greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of global warming. Such gases do not just come from fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal – in fact, about 20% of greenhouse gases are a result of the loss of forests or forest degradation in developing countries. There is an indispensable need to reduce emissions emanating from deforestation and forest degradation, ensure forest ecosystem carbon storage, conduct sustainable forest management, and strengthen forest carbon storage.


This project will evaluate the global warming reduction functionality of forests within developing countries. The project will investigate the cause of deforestation and forest degradation and the impact of global warming, and implement measures aimed at realizing a low-carbon society.


Research is being carried out in developing countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, and others, and may be possible in other regions as well. The research results are being reflected within negotiations for treaties on climate change frameworks.


There is a need for education in order to have forests managed by regional residents as a measure against deforestation and forest degradation. The project is researching the mitigation of global warming at the local community scale and possesses countless experiences for measures for forest conservation through local stakeholder participation. 

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posted: 2014/05/21