Manufacturing methods and improvement of mechanical properties for porous metals

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Aerospace engineering,Materials/Mechanics of materials,Physical properties of metals/Metal-base materials,Metal making/Resorce production engineering


With their many holes, porous metals are expected to be usable as materials for lightweight construction, shock resistance, sound absorption, as biomaterials and more, due to their low density and large specific surface area. This seed is the fruit of research into methods of manufacturing and strengthening these porous metals.


Manufacture of various kinds of aluminum alloy using the melt-foaming method (proposal for pore stabilization)
Technique for strengthening porous metals by plastic working (rolling, extrusion, wire brushing, shot peening, etc.)


Application for uses that require noise and vibration absorption and lightweight properties, and parts that require fluid permeability (heat sinks, etc.) is being considered. Cultivation of needs from a new perspective is now being demanded.


●We will search for the pore stabilization mechanism for various alloy systems and trial manufacture of porous materials of alloy systems for which there is a need.
●Since previous porous materials have been used in their untreated cast or metal powder form, a lack of strength compared to plastic-worked products has been a problem, but this seed strengthens porous materials while maintaining the pores.

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Sponsord research, Collaboration research
posted: 2014/05/21