Chemical Health Monitor Kind to Skin

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Nano/Microsystems,Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering,Intelligent robotics,Electron device/Electronic equipment


● Cheap and easy-to-use chemical sensors are required for health care based on medicine.  
● Long time sticking to the skin sometimes produce a rash and a sense of incongruity. (Fig.1)
● Users feel trouble for regular wearing with a battery and the wiring.


● Sticking a tiny sensor module on the skin using a polymer nanosheet. (Fig.2(a)) 
● Silicon pH (ion) sensor suitable for a mass production and ultra small reference electrode. (Fig.2(b)) 
● The sensors are driven without a battery directly by near-field communication (NFC). (Fig.2(c)) 


● Biocompatible nanosheet is kind to he skin and no incongruity during wearing.
● The module is comprised of the low-cost part of the silicon base.
● Simple operation by sensor drive and the data analysis with the smartphone.


● Monitor of skin pH and sweat ion for health and sports.
● Management of meat (pH of the maturational meat) and animals. (Fig.3)
● Detection of stress markers from sweat (as future technology: Fig.4).


posted: 2018/09/27