Healing of Fatigue Crack in the Metallic Materials by Heat Treatment



● Failure accidents by deterioration of infrastructure 
● Fatigue is the main cause of failures in metallic structures.


● Implementation of fatigue crack healing of 90%
● Implementation of static tensile strength of 75%
● Fatigue crack healing due to elimination of oxide film by vacuum heating, plasticity-induced crack closure and atomic diffusion.


● Healing of crack healing by heating in  vacuum furnace 
● Improvement of long-term reliability and durability of machines and structures
● Reduction of life cycle cost by extending intervals of repair or disposal


● Maintenance for components of infrastructures 
● Repair of high-value-added products such as aircraft engine members


  • Schematic of crack healing mechanism

collaborative researchers

藤田 耕平 , KAWADA, Hiroyuki Professor

posted: 2017/02/23