A durability testing device for stents and a method of evaluation


Blood compatibility and durability are vital issues in stents, which are medical instruments that expand and lock into place inside blood vessels, respiratory tracts, esophaguses, etc., inside the human body. However, the reality is that all manufacturers run their own performance tests, and there is no standardization. It is also extremely difficult to create a testing environment that is able to simulate the complex conditions inside the body.


We developed a testing device that could accurately simulate the stress environment of the area where the stent is inserted. The development of a system that takes into account the application of stress in the form of a combined twisting and stretching force, and the mechanical properties of the blood vessel model, has enabled the standardized, comprehensive evaluation and tracking of deformation in stents of a variety of designs.


The accumulation of extensive data will enable the establishment of a more appropriate testing environment. It will also enable the examination of new stress standards.


Our experience in developing artificial organs and acellular tissue has given us knowledge especially in stress environments pertaining to areas around the heart.

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posted: 2014/05/21