Hybrid Bonding at Low Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure

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about researcher MIZUNO, Jun Guest Senior Researcher
research field
Electron device/Electronic equipment,Nanobioscience,Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems,Electronic materials/Electric materials


● Mixed-signals integration by organic-inorganic hybrid structure
● Eco-friendly assembly process


● Hybrid bonding of Cu, PDMS, and quartz at 150 ℃ and atmospheric pressure


● Covalent, ionic, metal, and organic materials can be assembled in single process, at 150 ℃ in ambient air
● VUV/vapor-assisted surface modification method : Simple and easy-to-tune bonding process


● Low cost, Eco-friendly joining device for mounting :
     structure only chamber apparatus, light source and humidifying
● New devices with functional interface such as transmission :
    mixed optical device and bio MEMS sensor


collaborative researchers

SHOJI, Shuichi Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering Department of Electronic and Photonic Systems) , 重藤 暁津

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posted: 2022/02/03