Research and development of functional ingredients to protect the liver from alcohol consumption

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about researcher HARA, Taichi Professor
Faculty of Human Sciences School of Human Sciences


● The various health problems caused by alcohol consumption have created a serious social problem. 
● About 40% of Japanese people have a weak ability to metabolize acetaldehyde, a toxic metabolite of alcohol.
● There is concern that aldehydes may act on health as an environmental toxicant.


● Identify functional materials that reduce alcohol-induced liver injury. 
● Promotes the degradation of acetaldehyde in liver cells. 
● Develop a highly concentrated hydrogen water generator that reduces the amount of intracellular acetaldehyde.


● It is possible to rapidly evaluate the effect of alcohol on reducing liver injury and its mechanism of action.
● It has been shown that highly concentrated hydrogen water can reduce the amount of intracellular acetaldehyde.
● The combination of functional water and functional materials will enable the development of novel products.


● Liquor and alcoholic beverage industry
● Food and beverage industry, etc.
● Health and Medical Industry
● Environmental toxicity


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posted: 2021/10/08