Development of Test Method for Evaluating Pure Mode Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Dissimilar Materials

researcher's name
about researcher HOSOI, Atsushi Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Materials/Mechanics of materials


● Development of dissimilar joining technologies for multi-material automotive bodies and aircraft fuselages
● The Need for Accurate Mechanical Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (FRTP) to Metal Joints


● Application of Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) test
● Cancel the effects of mixing modes when joining dissimilar materials and thermal residual stress
● Accurate mode I interlaminar fracture toughness evaluation


● Easy evaluation by conventional DCB test method
● Evaluation considering the effect of thermal residual stresses
● Applicable to any dissimilar material bonding specimen
● Obtaining fracture toughness values for numerical simulations


● Design of machines and structures with dissimilar materials
● Improvement in the bonding strength of FRTP and metals
● Development of new composite materials.


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posted: 2020/12/17