Success in promoting plant growth for biodiesel

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about researcher TOMINAGA, Motoki Professor
Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences
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Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology


● Biodiesel produced from seeds is focused as a next-generation fuel alternative to fossil fuels.
● We have succeeded in size enhancement of the model plant Arabidopsis using our original technology for accelerating transport within plants.
● Using this technology, It has been expected biomass enhancement of non-food biodiesel plants.


● We Focused on Camelina its oil from seeds used as a raw material for biodiesel.
● Succeeded in enhancement of seed production by heterologously expressing the high-speed  Chara-Arabidopsis chimeric myosin XI gene in Camerina


● It was shown that the High-speed technology is effective in increasing the seed production of resource plants
● Common high-speed myosin can increase biomass production in related plant species 


● Enhancement of Bioenergy: Bioethanol or Biodiesel.
● Enhancement of Feed and Food. 
● Enhancement of fine Plants: Chemicals or Chinese medicines.


  • 高速型ミオシンXIによるシロイヌナズナの大型化
  • 高速型ミオシンXIによるカメリナの成長促進と種子数の増加

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  • An innovative technology for plant size enhancement and control:Artificial control of the cytoplasmic streaming
posted: 2020/10/27