CNT-PSS Transparent Conductive Film: Simple, Flexible, Highly Conductive, Stable

researcher's name
about researcher NODA, Suguru Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering
research field
Reaction engineering/Process system,Nanobioscience


● Problems in flexible transparent conductive films (TCF)
・ITO has limited flexibility and abrasion resistance.
・PEDOT:PSS and Ag nanowire have insufficient durability.
・CNT-TCF have issues in performance and production process.


● Simple fabrication via dispersing CNT in aqueous solution of PSS (Poly(p-styrene-sulfonic acid)) and coating
● Conductive (115 Ω/sq) and transparent (90%) Stable in air for >1000 h or at >250 C without passivation


● PSS is a promising dispersant and dopant for CNT
● No need for removal process of surfactant
    No need for additional doping process


● TCF for flexible & wearable devices
● Transparent heater for automobiles
● Rare metal-free TCF



collaborative researchers

謝 栄斌 , SUGIME, Hisashi Junior Researcher (Affiliated organization Waseda Institute for Advanced Study) (retired)

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posted: 2020/02/06