Probes for theranostics that target denatured collagen

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about researcher KOIDE, Takaki Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Structural biochemistry,Drug development chemistry,Biomolecular chemistry


● Collagen mimetic peptides (CMPs) have the property of hybridizing with denatured collagen and are expected to be used as probes for  theranostics. However, the binding affinity of conventional CMPs is  low and the activity is lost by self-assembly. The CMPs thus requires denaturation just before use. Such pre-treatment causes technical  troubles and reduce reliability of the results.


● Remarkable improvement of affinity to target by cyclization of CMPs
● Optimization of cyclic CMP (cCMP) design using structure-activity relationship


● Significant improvement of binding affinity to denatured collagen
● Free from troublesome pre-treatment of the peptide
● Controlable retention time in vivo


● Radiotheranostics and drug delivery targeting denatured collagen
● Prove for pathological diagnosis



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posted: 2019/10/21