A method of isolating reporter cells by a highly sensitive trap vector system

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about researcher SEMBA, Kentaro Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering


●  For evaluation of some drug activities or gene functions, reporter  cells are useful.
●  Reporter cells can be directly isolated by a trap method using transposon vector systems.
●  However, conventional vector systems had low efficiency of isolating reporter cells due to low expression of reporter genes. 


●  To highly express the fluorescent reporter protein in isolation, GAL4-UAS system was employed.


●  Our developed trap vector has over 100-fold sensitivity compared to conventional vector systems.
●  New vector system isolates reporter cells dramatically improve isolation of reporter cells.


●  For evaluation of some drug activities or gene functions.
●  Identification of genes responsive to any stimulations without using microarray.


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小林 雄太 (理工学術院 生命医科学学科) , 若林 佑太郎 (理工学術院 生命医科学学科)

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posted: 2018/11/30