Artificial blood vessel unit for fabrication of artificial organ

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about researcher UMEZU, Shinjiro Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Creative Science and Engineering
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Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems


●  For conducting drug evaluation test, three dimensional cellular tissue similar to in vivo is needed.
●  Vascular structures are required to create thick cellular tissue.
●  Creating a vascular structure with arbitral diameter inside of a tissue is difficult.


●  Luminal structure was fabricated by using titanium wire and hydrogel.
●  Artificial vascular structures are created by using vascular endothelial cells adhered titanium wire.
●  Artificial vascular structures were perfused with culture medium.


●  Vascular structure of arbitral diameter can be fabricated easily without complicated method.
●  Narrow blood bessel which was difficult to create can be fabricated.
●  Culture medium can be supplied within the tissue because perfusion can be performed.


●  Drug evaluation model
●  Artificial organ, cyborg


collaborative researchers

SAKAGUCHI, Katsuhisa Part-time Lecturer (Faculty of Science and Engineering Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering) (retired) , 秋元 渓 , 大矢 貴史

posted: 2018/11/29