An innovative technology for plant size enhancement and control:Artificial control of the cytoplasmic streaming

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about researcher TOMINAGA, Motoki Professor
Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences
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Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology


●  Improvement of photosynthesis is focused primarily for plant biomass enhancement.  
●  Positive effects on plant growth is often inhibited by local accumulation of the photosynthetic products.
●  Stable and universal technology for Plant enhancement is expected.


●  Cytoplasmic streaming, the common transport system in the plant, was accelerated artificially.
●  Myosin XI motor domain was genetically exchanged by that of Chara myosin XI, which is the fastest motor protein.


●  Originality: the only technology for plant enhancement by artificial acceleration of the transport.
●  Universality: This technology can be applied to every plant, because cytoplasmic is a common system conserved among algae to angiosperm.


●  Enhancement of Bioenergy: Bioethanol or Biodiesel.
●  Enhancement of Feed and Food.
●  Enhancement of fine Plants: Chemicals or Chinese medicines.


  • 高速型ミオシンの開発と遺伝子導入

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posted: 2018/11/28