Development of magnetic nanoparticles for cancer care

researcher's name
about researcher OSAKA, Tetsuya Senior Research Professor
research field
Device related chemistry,Nanobioscience,Electronic materials/Electric materials


● Appropriate size for medical care, e.g. a suitable size for cellular uptake
● Appropriate magnetic properties, depending on size, for the treatment and diagnosis
● High biocompatibility and target specificity


● Magnetite nanoparticles with the mean size tuned in the range of 10 to 40 nm
● High dispersibility of nanoparticles (modified with amine) in aqueous solution
● Use of cells containing nanoparticles in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer


● Control of magnetite properties by changing the particle size
● Effective incorporation with maintaining cell viability and cell function
● Utilization of  function and target specificity of immune cells


● Cancer immunotherapy (magnetically mediated immunotherapy)  
● Magnetic hyperthermia
● Magnetic resonance imaging


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posted: 2018/09/27