Operation of 3-D MEMS Micro Mirror by Single Superposed Driving Signal

researcher's name
about researcher IWASE, Eiji Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
research field
Nano/Microsystems,Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems,Intelligent robotics


● MEMS micro mirrors have been widely used for optical devices such as projectors and endoscopes
● Requirement for three-dimensional (3-D) scanning by MEMS micro mirror in addition to 1-D or 2-D scanning
● Increase in device size due to increase in driving direction


● By single driving apparatus, MEMS micro mirror is actuated in  three resonant modes
● MEMS micro mirror is operated in 3-D by single superposed signal with the three resonant frequencies  


● Miniaturization of whole device by single driving apparatus and single driving signal


● Optical device that acquires 3-D images such as an endoscope and retinal projector 


  • 3-D MEMS micro mirror
  • Resonant frequencies and modes of MEMS micro mirror

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  • Operation of 3-D MEMS micro mirror by single superposed driving signal
posted: 2017/02/23