Human-Robot Laughter Interaction

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about researcher TAKANISHI, Atsuo Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems,Surgical dentistry


● Laughing is multimodal (Fig.1)
● Laughter  is a social and emotional signal
● Laughter is essential in human communication


● Sensor system for real-time laughter monitoring(Fig.2)
● Wearable: non-invasive and portable
● Multi-sensor: measure all laughter-related body changes


● Real-time detection and quantitative measurement of laughter
● Learn laughter meaning and use in communication processes
● Clarify phsycho-physiological mechanisms of laughter 
● Build a model of laughter


● Monitoring of laughter in a natural environment (Fig.3)
● Use of laughter for human-robot emotional communication
● Psychological objective analysis of laughter
● Clinical analysis of laughter


  • Fig.1 Laughter is multimodal, involves several parts of the body
  • Fig.2 Wearable multisensor system to detect
  • Fig.3 Monitoring of laughter during natural daily activities

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コセンティノ サラ

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posted: 2015/12/15