Development of a Wearable Motion Capture System for Balance Evaluation of Older Adults

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about researcher TAKANISHI, Atsuo Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems,Surgical dentistry


● Growing Proportion of Population Aged over 65 in Japan and over the world
● One leading health concern for older adults: falling
● Postural stability decrease with age (Age-related brain changes, Degenerated somatosensory system,Insufficient muscle strength, Physiological disorders)
● More efforts paid to help older adults regain or keep balance
● Objective evaluation of the balance is needed


● Inertial Measurements Unit (IMU) motion capture system (Fig.1)
● One Leg Stance test with older adults (Fig.2)
● Automatic One Leg Stance segmentation (Fig.3)
● Auto-detection of gait abnormality (Fig.4)


● Fast setup time and simple calibration
● Can be used everywhere both indoor and outdoor
● Can be used in clinical environment and at home


● Balance assessment
● Gait analysis
● Rehabilitation therapy trends


  • Fig.1 Waseda Bioinstrumentation 4R (WB 4R)
  • Fig.2 One Leg Stance test
  • Fig.3 One Leg Stance segmentation
  • Fig.4 Gait abnormality detection

collaborative researchers

SESSA, Salvatore Part-time Lecturer (retired)

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posted: 2015/12/15