Haptic Interface for Navigation of the Visually Impaired

researcher's name
about researcher FUJIE, Masakatsu Professor (retired)
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Creative Science and Engineering


・A haptic interface for navigation
・The generated centrifugal force using two eccentric weights is transmitted the user
・It is possible to indicate in any direction


・Navigation systems for the visually impaired 
・Not voice guided navigation
・Lightweight and small device


・Control the position and velocity of the two eccentric weights in the haptic interface
    The rotational velocities of the weights are high in the travel  
    direction to provide higher centrifugal force. 
    Conversely, the velocities are lower on the opposite position.
・The generated centrifugal force is transmitted to the user


・Integration with the navigation system using information such as the IC tag of Braille block and smartphone GPS


  • A haptic interface for navigation of the visually impaired
  • Concept of mechanism of direction indicator
  • Mechanical system and prototype

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posted: 2015/03/02