Field Effect Transistor Sensor

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about researcher OSAKA, Tetsuya Senior Research Professor
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Device related chemistry,Nanobioscience,Electronic materials/Electric materials


Prompt and simple health examination methods are sought in medical practice in order to realize a preventive medicine-oriented society.


Transistor-type sensing device fabricated using semiconductor microfabrication technology.


Possible uses are wide ranging, including pH sensor and sensor for tests for illnesses. 


・This device has high repellency and stability since the sensor surface is modified with an organic silane-based self-assembled monolayer. 
・This device may be fabricated using semiconductor microfabrication technology. It is thus advantageous for achieving low cost through mass production.

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Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation


  • Medical diagnosis using field effect transistor sensors

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posted: 2014/05/21