Technology for evaluation, exploration, and collection at final disposal of waste sites for urban mines

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about researcher KAMURA, Kazuo Professor (retired)
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Creative Science and Engineering
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Earth system and resources engineering,Environmental dynamic analysis,Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden,Geology


There are limited metallic resources in the world. The collection of resources that have been consumed and thrown out, along with the reuse of those resources, is an important issue. This project measures residuals and distributions of the variety of metals present in final disposal of waste sites prior to the enactment of recycling law.


This technology elucidates the types and quantity of metals buried within final disposal of waste sites, as well as the presence of minerals, and specifies which metals would be beneficial to collect. The technology makes it possible to use electric detection to measure zones where metals are distributed.


A comparison of actual data recovered through boring techniques and research related to collection.


The project used a non-damaging method and can pinpoint metals. Because it can support the three-dimensional exploration of the distribution of metals, it enables cheaper exploration as compared to boring, and allows for the efficient digging and collection of metals. 

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Sponsord research, Collaboration research


  • An image of metal distribution within a landfill zone
  • The results of electric exploration at a final disposal of waste site.

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posted: 2014/05/21