Design, production, and performance evaluation of environment-conscious electric vehicles

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about researcher KAMIYA, Yushi Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering
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Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery


In recent years, a lot of research has been done on electric vehicles, which are kind to people and the earth, from the perspective of addressing environmental and energy issues. However, there are large technical and cost limitations related to batteries and charging, leading to a situation in which it is difficult to proceed with mass popularization.


This research laboratory has been developing electric buses and different types of electric vehicles up to this point. Research has progressed to the level of commercial use for electric buses in particular. Based on such findings, it is possible to conduct evaluations on the design, production, and performance of a variety of electric vehicles.


The project makes it possible to not only design and produce electric vehicles, but also to evaluate the environmental consciousness of the vehicles after their introduction. The project also has knowledge related to the evaluation of battery degradation and usage methods for batteries that would reduce degradation to the bare minimum.


This research laboratory has knowledge related to inductive charging, a topic that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The laboratory also makes possible total well-to-wheel design, production, and performance evaluations for electric vehicles.

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  • The different electric vehicle research themes taken up by Dr. Kamiya’s laboratory
  • Examples of electric vehicle research
  • Examples of charging station research
  • Examples of an evaluation of the environmental consciousness of an electric vehicle
posted: 2014/05/21