Design process management technology for sustainable buildings

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about researcher TAKAGUCHI, Hiroto Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Creative Science and Engineering
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Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden,Architectural environment/Equipment,Environmental impact assessment


Minimization of energy consumption in buildings is now in demand, due to the problems of depleting petroleum reserves, insufficient power and global warming. The design of buildings has to date, been decided primarily by the designer, and has frequently involved the design of equipment types occurring later as an afterthought. However, in future buildings where high-performance energy saving will be a requirement, the design and engineering must be combined into one from the planning stage.


Analyzing the building design process using a DSM (Design Structure Matrix) and suggesting an optimized design allows the improvement of the current design process. Furthermore, it enables organization of the matters to be considered when introducing a new technology into a building, and the elimination of inefficient design processes such as send backs.


Small-to-medium building design offices can use this as a design process management tool when tackling the design of a building with which they are inexperienced, while large-scale design offices can use it as a self-assessment tool. Furthermore, if unified with a BIM (Building Information Model), it can be expected to serve equally as a design process management support tool.


It was developed in our present research, on the basis of analysis of the design process of a real CASBEE S class item. The design processes, numbering from several hundreds to thousands have been simplified down to a mere 100, and it is possible to conduct introduction analyses easily.

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Sponsord research, Collaboration research


  • Design process analysis by DSM. Send back work is classified to collaborative work or continuous work, and measures proposed for each accordingly.
posted: 2014/05/21