Scientific analysis of the workflow in the production of animation and long-term human resources cultivation

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about researcher SHICHIJO, Naohiro Associate Professor (retired)
Affiliated organization Waseda Institute for Advanced Study


The creation of animations is extremely labor-intensive and dependent on the skills of individual people, and it relies greatly on the knowhow accumulated by individual producers, performers, directors, animation directors, artists and other individuals associated with each step of the process. The chronic state of work concentrating in specific parts of the workflow due to economic and efficiency limitations has also hindered the cultivation of human resources.


Based on detailed ethnographic analyses of the workflow in the production process of animations at different companies, it is possible to recreate simulations of the individual processes. Based on this model, we will be able to give advice on division of labor from the perspectives of efficiency and long-term cultivation of human resources who engage in creating the contents of animations.


In the animation business that in the future will become more globalized and be required to grow into a high value-added market, there is a need to develop more skills rather than simply cut costs. Therefore, the key to the success of the animation business lies in simultaneous achievement of cost cuts and cultivation of human resources involved in upstream processes. We can contribute to the cultivation of human resources who can provide high quality animations through the creation of plans for fostering human resources based on the results of analyses. Furthermore, in regard to overseas expansion, we can offer proposals for corporate collaboration packaging strategies that cover everything from materials to sales from the perspective of bolstering merchandising.


Investigation and analysis based on scientific methods also allow the investigation of suitable partners for collaboration in offshoring, co-production, etc., within the workflow. We also have extensive knowledge in the character business, consumer trends in Asia, etc., allowing us to offer specific proposals including collaboration with companies of different industries.

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posted: 2014/05/21