Organic-air rechargeable batteries

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about researcher OYAIZU, Kenichi Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering
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Polymer chemistry


High-efficiency rechargeable batteries that can be made into any shape, are used everywhere, and are lightweight are a necessity to realize a society in which IT-related gadgets are prevalent and their functions transparent. To simultaneously achieve an environmentally friendly society, it is desirable for the batteries to be made of organic materials or substances that exist on earth in large quantities.


We developed an organic rechargeable battery that uses air for the cathode. It can be recharged in a short time (a few seconds). It’s capacity also remained almost unchanged through 500 charge-discharge cycles.
An organic polymer material was used to replace the anthraquinone in the anode, to realize high energy concentration (221 mAh/g) through the multi-electron redox reaction.


We will search for organic anode material with higher energy concentration, while aiming to apply the technology for use in things that consume little electricity (e.g., IC cards, RF tags, electronic paper, wearable sensors in clothing)


●Organic rechargeable batteries are highly stable through charge-discharge cycles.
●We have so far developed organic rechargeable batteries using radical polymers.
●It is possible to boost their performance from the bottom-up through molecular designing of organic polymers.

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posted: 2014/05/21