The controlling of light energy with precious metal nanoparticles (plasmonic substances)

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about researcher IMURA, Kohei Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering
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Thin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties,Nanostructural chemistry,Physical chemistry


Precious metal nanoparticles (plasmonic substances) demonstrate unique photoelectronic properties for which attention has focused on their use in chemical sensors, electronic components and medicine. Making effective use of plasmonic substances requires a fundamental understanding of their properties.


Using a near-field optical microscope allows the observation and visualization of the plasmon of plasmonic substances. Plasmonic substances demonstrate a variety of behavior through their interaction with light, the progress of which can be tracked in high time and spatial resolution.


Observing the optical properties of plasmonic substances that have been given new functions and structures


The wavelengths of the light used in observation can be changed to those of visible to near infrared light. This enables observation in accordance with the target.

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  • The result of observing gold nanorod plasmons

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posted: 2014/05/21