Display Device for Visual Texture

researcher's name
about researcher IWASE, Eiji Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
research field
Nano/Microsystems,Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems,Intelligent robotics


● Although various colors can be reconstructed from "three primary colors", the primary elements and reconstruction method for visual texture (i.e. glossy, matte ...) are not obvious.


● We proposed spatial mixing using glossy and matte surfaces for reconstruction of visual texture.
● Our method can display various visual texture by changing the area ratio of glossy and matte surfaces.


● We can display various visual texture like color display using three primary colors.


● Display device which can display not only color but also visual texture
● Wallpaper with changing visual texture
● Color and visual texture calibration chart for product design or purchase

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posted: 2019/04/22