Nanosheet for detecting deformation and motion of biological tissue (soft materials)

researcher's name
about researcher FUJIE, Toshinori Guest Researcher (retired)


● Development of motion or deformation detection technology for biological tissue(soft material).  
● Marking directly on skin is burdensome for subjects.
● Designated suit is necessary when using motion capture. 


● Polymer nanosheets for the substrate has high flexibility.
● Dots were marked on nanosheet at regular intervals.
● Motion or deformation were estimated from position information of dots.


● Dot nanosheet is pasted on biological tissue without any glue. 
● Polymer nanosheets little interfere the deformation of biological tissues.
● Easy to remove from the skin after and no signs of marking left.


● Measurement deformation of biological tissue deformation for soft robots etc..
● Motion capture of human body for the application of sports science etc..
● Mapping biological tissue (surgical operation).


collaborative researchers

鉄 祐磨 , TAKEOKA, Shinji Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering)

same researcher's seeds

  • Electronic devices composed of polymer nanosheets
  • Ultra-Thin Film Luminescence Sensor
  • Flexible antenna coil for biological tissues
posted: 2018/10/30