Development of a Simple Fabrication Process for a Printable Piezoelectric Energy Harvest Device

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about researcher SEKIGUCHI, Tetsushi Senior Researcher
Research Council (Research Organization) Institute for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
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Nano/Microsystems,Measurement engineering


● Energy harvesting from ambient environments has been required as a power source of energy saving device  
● Piezoelectricity is a well-known phenomenon that has been widely studied for energy harvesting


● A metal nanoink and a household printer is used for electrode Fabrication and lamination method is used for Assembly of the device 
● Electric power of ∼ 1.12 μJ was obtained


● Easy to Fabricate   
● Cheaply Fabrication Process
● Generated Energy is Larger than Previous Work


● Simple Energy Generation Device by Vibration 
● Energy Generation Device Attached Human


  • Fabrication process of the device

collaborative researchers

鎌田 裕樹 , YOON, Donghyun Junior Researcher (retired) , 佐々木 敏夫 , 野﨑 義人 , 山浦 真一 (職業能力開発総合大学校) , 中嶋 宇史 (東京理科大学) , SHOJI, Shuichi Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering Department of Electronic and Photonic Systems)

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posted: 2017/02/23