Development of Scalable Micro Thermoelectric Devices

researcher's name
about researcher WATANABE, Takanobu Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering Department of Electronic and Photonic Systems
research field
Electronic materials/Electric materials,Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics,Nanostructural chemistry


● Energy Harvester (EH) is a key device for the ”Internet-of-Things” society.
● Thermoelectric (TE) Generation is an ultimate technology to semipermanently generate electric power from a temperature difference.


● Si nanowire is used as the thermoelectric material.
● Miniaturized TE device fabricated by the Si-LSI process capable of mass-production


● No etching process of Si substrate required.
● No toxic materials included.
● The power generation density increases with shrinking the device size.


● Trillion sensor network
● Body Area Network (BAN)
● Smart buildings


  • Mechanism of thermoelectric power generation (left) Conceptual structure of the TE power generator fabricated on silicon chip (right).
  • (left) High TE power density device structure and (right) a simulated temperature distribution in the device.
  • Scaling laws of (left) proposed structure and (right) conventional vertical structure

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posted: 2017/02/23