The new interface measuring device using new plasmon sensor and raman scattering spectroscopy

researcher's name
about researcher HOMMA, Takayuki Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering Department of Applied Chemistry
research field
Nano/Microsystems,Functional solid state chemistry,Electron device/Electronic equipment


● Non-destructive depth profile analysis,  is difficult
● High-precision nondestructive inspection is difficult
● Complicated operations of large measurement equipment.


● Molecular configuration at buried interface, i.e. solid / liquid, Chemical structure change of the atomic level, are simply measured in nanometer scale.


● Depth-resolution 0.1nm or less (More than 10 times of the present sensitivity)
● High-precision nondestructive inspection,low cost and high measurement convenience


● High-density optical recording multilayer film, a variety of devices, i.e. magnetic disks or semiconductors, Li ion battery, fuel cell, vital reaction, and so on.


  • Example of buried interface
  • New Plasmon sensor which enhances SERS effect effectively
  • Depth direction profile of the G peak strength of the graphite

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posted: 2016/02/03