Electronic devices composed of polymer nanosheets

researcher's name
about researcher FUJIE, Toshinori Guest Researcher (retired)


● Requirement of wearable device design with conformable contact to biological tissue surfaces
● Drawbacks in conventional packaging technologies : High-temperature process damaging organic materials


● Flexible electronic devices mounted on free-standing polymer nanosheets
● Fabrication of conductive lines by inkjet printing of silver nanoparticles at room temperature
● Soldering-free packaging of electronic elements (e.g., LED) based on van der Waals interactions


● Direct attachment of electronic devices owing to physical adhesiveness of polymer nanosheets
● Conductive lines with high conformability and adhesiveness
● Packaging at room temperature by physical adhesion between electronic elements and conductive lines


● Wearable devices for monitoring biological information without discomfort due to glue contact


  • Fabrication of electronic devices composed of polymer nanosheets
  • Electronic elements mounted on polymer nanosheets
  • Electronic device composed of polymer nanosheets attached on human skin surface

collaborative researchers

IWASE, Eiji Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering) , TAKEOKA, Shinji Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering) , IWATA, Hiroyasu Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Creative Science and Engineering)

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posted: 2016/02/03